Freediving Adventure at Grace Bay Club: A Deep Dive into Serenity and Self-Discovery

August 2, 2023 / Women's Health

This compelling piece, penned by writer Katie Gutierrez, explores her journey into the realm of freediving at Grace Bay Club in Turks and Caicos. Accompanied by her husband, she embarks on a personal adventure that transcends the boundaries of physical prowess and plunges into the depths of mental resilience and spiritual self-discovery. Gutierrez shares her experiences with Arenthia Baker, one of the few Black women freedivers and certified mermaids, and Samantha Kildegaard, a record-setting Argentinian freediver. Through captivating prose, Gutierrez conveys the mystical allure of the deep blue Atlantic, its challenges, and the unexpected mental health benefits it unlocked within her. She discusses the immersive world of freediving – a world devoid of breathing apparatus and filled with the indescribable beauty of ocean depths, revealing how this adventure sport is not merely about holding one’s breath, but a journey of transcending human limits and finding peace and strength within.


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